Mini Buffet

Perfect Match Mini Buffet
Minimum 15 Pax

Package MN1
RM 30 
(8 Items)

Package MN2
RM 35 
(9 Items)

Package MN3
RM 40
(11 Items)

Rice/ Noodles112
Egg/ Tofu/Bites110
Rice Noodle
  • Steamed White Rice
  • Steamed Brown Rice
  • Yong Chow Fried Rice
  • Kampung Fried Rice
  • Nasi Tomato
  • Nasi Kunyit
  • Fragrant Butter Rice
  • Singapore Style Fried Mee Hoon
  • Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon
  • Turmeric Fried Mee Hoon
  • Stir-fried Yee Mee with Chinese Mushrooms
  • Spaghetti Aglio-Olio with Chicken Ham
  • Rendang Chicken
  • Traditional Curry Chicken
  • Thai Style Green Curry Chicken
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken
  • Marmite Chicken
  • Grilled Chicken with Barbecue Sauce
  • Lemonade Sliced Fish
  • Thai Style Sliced Fish
  • Pan-fried Sliced Fish with Teriyaki Sauce
  • Sambal Sliced Fish
  • Kung Po Sliced Fish
Egg Tofu Bites
  • Egg Sambal
  • Omelet
  • Oriental Style Braised Tofu
  • Thai Style Tofu
  • Mini Cocktail Sausages & Chicken Nuggets
  • Mini Chicken Ham Sandwiches
  • Mini Egg Mayo Sandwiches
  • Garlic Bread
  • Sambal Calamari
  • Kung Po Calamari
  • Beef Rendang
  • Oriental Style Black Pepper Beef
  • Mutton Curry
  • Mutton Rendang
  • Chef’s Signature Prawn Salad [De-shelled Prawn]
  • De-shelled Prawn Ball with Fragrant Mango Thousand Island Sauce
  • Sambal New Zealand Green Mussels
  • Kam Heong New Zealand Green Mussels
  • Nyonya Style Curry Vegetables
  • Braised Mushrooms with Broccoli and Cauliflower
  • Stir-fried French Beans with Carrots
  • Grilled Mixed Vegetables
  • Assorted Flavours Mini Swiss Rolls
  • Mini Chocolate Cake
  • Mini Banana Cake
  • Mini Vanilla Cake
  • Almond Slice Pastries
  • Mini Orange Crumbled Tarts
  • Kam Heong New Zealand Green Mussels
  • Vegetables
  • Mini Cheese Tarts
  • Mix Fruits
  • Chrysanthemum Tea
  • Soy Milk
  • Winter Melon

Charges, Terms & Conditions:

Crockery, Cutlery & Utensils:
➢ Food will be delivered in disposable wares. There will not be any setup of food in chafing dish.
➢ Disposable plates and cutlery will be provided.

➢ Decorations are NOT included in the package.

Serving Duration:
➢ Food is best consumed in 3 hours upon delivery.
➢ We will not be liable for the food quality nor food contamination if any food is consumed after the recommended time.

➢ Transportation charges is not inclusive of the price quoted.
➢ Transportation charges:
- Subang : Waived
- Puchong/ Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam : Waived
- Kuala Lumpur/ Klang : Waived
- Cheras/ Ampang : Waived
- Kajang/ Semenyih/ Rawang/ Sg Buloh : RM 50

➢ We will not hold responsible for lack of successful/complaints for events caused by changes from clients within 48 hours.
➢ We DO NOT SERVE PORK in all events.

Booking & Payments:
➢ All bookings are subjected to availability. Customer must make full payment upon reservation.
➢ We strictly do not accept temporary reservations and verbal confirmations.
➢ Payment should be made in person or collected by an authorized catering employee only.
➢ The Perfect Match Catering Services reserves the right to change the menu & packages without prior notice.
➢ Bank transfer, cash or cheque payment is accepted.