New SOP For Corporate Event Catering In Malaysia

Our Government recently announced that companies and businesses are allowed to organise and attend events again from July onwards. This applies to corporate companies who wish to organise corporate events as well as individuals who are attending these events. However, we must not take this generosity for granted, and we must adhere to the SOPs in place to be able to continuously host and attend events. Our Government has set the following SOP for events in Malaysia:

  1. There will be no limit to the number of pax as long as social distancing is practised.
  2. Venues must be big enough to accommodate the number of guests and must ensure tables are set 2 metres apart & Guests must maintain physical distancing of 1m.
  3. Attendees will have to have their temperatures checked before entering the event venue.
  4. Attendees will have to manually record attendance or register via the MySejahtera contact tracing app.
  5. Anyone with symptoms will be refrained from entering the event venue.
  6. Buffet can be served as long as there are servers serving food.
  7. One entrance and one exit to avoid to encourage one-way paths.
All of us at Perfect Match are excited to share with you our Catering Options for Corporate events.

1. Buffet Catering

Our Buffet catering will now include Perfect Match servers to serve the food from the buffet line. Attendees will need to queue up and maintain social distancing. Having a Buffet line will be great at keeping the food warm in chafing dishes and the presentation will be aesthetically and visually pleasing. However, there will be a long queue at the buffet line. To avoid this, there will be a need to hire more service staff which will incur higher costs.

2. Personal Mini Buffet

Our personal mini buffet is exactly what the name suggests. There will be 6 dishes in one box and each person is able to enjoy their personal feast without having to queue up for food. This is a great option as it is hygienic and guests will skip the queue. It saves time and costs as there will be no servers needed. Each person is able to enjoy more variety of food although it is individually packed. The food will not be in warmers and if the event ends late, the food will be left cold.

3. Packed Food

A simple lunch option for meeting and conferences. This option is hygienic, there will be no queues, save time and cost. However, this option may present fewer food choices, and the food may be left cold if the event ends late as the food will not be in warmers. If you are still unsure of which option to go for, speak to us and let us advise you based on your event requirements. We at Perfect Match are excited to serve you for your next event. Contact us to for your catering needs at any of these numbers 018-292 3631, 018-292 9964 or 03-8011 9452 or email us at

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