Dine At Home During This New Norm To Keep You And Your Family Safe!

In spite of the lockdown, restaurants that already offered delivery services continued to operate in some capacity, while many other establishments that did not previously offer this service began to do so. Therefore, food delivery became an important part of the catering industry during the Coronavirus outbreak: by offering home delivery, many restaurants were able to avoid closing completely or even going out of business, and they also had the opportunity to serve their patrons in a way that is both practical and convenient.

Nasi Lemak with Condiments

Nevertheless, many people hold fond memories of their family reunions. It's good for the soul...and the taste buds. When it comes to gatherings with family, food should not be an exception. As important as it is to have delicious food at your reunion, it can also be extremely stressful. Hence why should you hire professional caterers for your next family gathering!

A large spread of food is always a crowd favourite. It's possible that you'll find yourself craving more as a result of a more aesthetically pleasing food presentation and, most importantly, more delicious dishes. Plus it is as opposed to stressing out about the food planning and other related things.

New Zealand Green Mussel in Napolitana Sauce

With Perfect Match Catering, we will make you feel like a guest in your own party as all aspects are well-taken care of. From now on, you will probably be finding excuses to host events at times merely to pamper your palate. Even more so, if you're looking to make your lunch or dinner a little more adventurous than your usual takeout menu.

You can choose from four different menus, depending on what you and your family want to eat. It's safe to say that if there are only two of you at home, this set is well enough to cater for both lunch and dinner.

Below are some of the dishes you can order from us.

Family Set Menus are available from RM88 up to RM199, making them a good value for money for the whole family.

Japanese Cuisine Set

Take a look at our Japanese Cuisine Set for those who are apprehensive about dining out at their favourite Japanese eateries. Everything we serve is guaranteed to be delicious and fresh, which is one of the reasons you should try it out. Included in this set are Japanese Garlic Fried Rice, Grilled Salmon with Black Pepper Sauce, Chicken Gyoza, Teriyaki Chicken, and a Japanese Salad with Roasted Sesame Dressing

Also, you can’t say no to something more western, right? We have 2 Western Family Set Menus for you to choose from! 

The first set features:

Western Cuisine Set A

  • Grilled Sea Bass with Black Pepper Sauce
  • New Zealand Green Mussels in Napolitana Sauce
  • Grilled Chicken with BBQ sauce
  • Fragrant Butter Rice or Spiral Pasta Aglio Olio
  • Sautéed Mixed Vegetables
  • Muffin

Grilled Perch Fish with Black Pepper Sauce

If you're looking for something different, try the Western Cuisine 2 which includes grilled perch fish with BBQ or black pepper sauce, chicken stew, fragrant butter rice or spiral pasta tossed in olive oil, as well as sautéed mixed vegetables.

Also, Oriental Cuisine comes in two different sets, similar to the preceding menu's selections.

Oriental Style Braised Tofu

Fragrant Butter Chicken, Kam Heong Siakap Fish, Oriental Style Braised Tofu, Vegetables of the Day, White Rice and Portuguese Egg Tart for dessert make up Oriental cuisine.

Kung Po Siakap Fish

Meanwhile, the other set offers a variety of dishes like Marmite Chicken, Kung Po Siakap Fish and Crystal Jade Tofu along with seasonal vegetables as well as Vegetables of the Day and white rice.

Malaysian Cuisine Set

While we may claim to be sick of our local food, that's definitely a lie, especially when you're offered a local pleasure such as Nasi Lemak with Condiments, Prawn Sambal, Ayam Rendang, Acar or even Curry Puffs!

In terms of delivery, you should place your order by 4 pm the day before and we will have the food delivered to your doorstep within 11.00 am - 12.30 pm & 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm. 

As for our delivery charges, those who reside in Subang Jaya and Sunway will only be charged for RM5 whilst Puchong and Shah Alam are RM10. 

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