A Party Pastry Box That Tastes As Good As They Look

The Malaysian food sector has been shaken up by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) over the last year. This is apparent when it comes to the food catering industry.

In order to adapt and reach customers during the new normal period, Perfect Match Catering has created something unique that we know everyone will enjoy in order to respond and reach customers during the new normal era. This is definitely not the time to back down, but rather to embrace the growth because after all, it is an arena for change.

We began with Mini Buffets and have since expanded to Party Pastry Boxes because large events are no longer feasible. 

Since many of us have opted to stay at home since last March, we have seen a surge in support of our local businesses. And that is incredibly inspiring.

So as always, our plan here is to satisfy all of our client’s needs, no matter how few or many guests they have. And when it comes to pastries, there’s definitely no stopping us. We believe a party of one is preferable to a party of none, which is why we would like to fulfil your craving with our creation of the Party Pastry Box.

It has been a very stressful and overwhelming time for us all but we would like to inspire, engage and give people a break. Some of our previous clients have even ordered it as a gift to surprise their friends, though it's also ideal for hi-tea sessions in a more corporate setting.

Let’s have a look!

With this Party Pastry Box, we offer three different packages to suit our clients' preferences: Sweets, Savoury, and a Combo package where you can enjoy all of these wonderful treats that we offer.

Sweet Party Pastry Box

To break it down into three parts, we shall start off with a package that is mostly favoured by people with sweet tooths and that’s the Sweet Party Pastry Box.

It's never a party unless you have something sweet on the menu for your guests, which is why we've included nine different choices in this package. We have the Chocolate Muffin Box, Vanilla Muffin Box, and a combination of both Chocolate and Vanilla Muffin Box with 24 pieces for RM55.

While the extremely tasty Apple, Strawberry Lattice, Blueberry Strudel, and Chocolate Roll, contains 20 pieces in each box for just RM45.

Nothing beats having cheese tart at your party hence why we have it on our menu. And trust us, you would definitely love this luscious and decadent dessert that would make your guests wanting more. Our Blueberry Cheese Tarts comes in a wonderful box containing 20 pieces and is available for RM70.00 and if you think of going for something plainer in case you have other sweet, fruity treats on your menu — our Plain Cheese Tarts are just as good, which are RM65 for 20 pieces.

Savoury Party Pastry Box

Moving on, let's take a look at our Savoury Party Pastry Box, which includes 17 different bites. Mini Egg Mayo Croissant Sandwiches (20 pcs) start at RM60, while the Mini Chicken Mayo Croissant Sandwiches (20 pcs) and Mini Chicken Ham Croissant Sandwiches (20 pcs) cost RM65.

If you like some seafood, just add RM10 to your order (in total RM75) and get the Mini Tuna Mayo Croissant Sandwiches (20 pcs). For a comparable price, you can also get the Mini Sausage Bun (20 pcs), Mini Chicken Pie (20 pcs), or 50 Chicken Satay sticks with Peanut Sauce for your guests for an additional RM3 which makes it RM78.

It may seem a little overwhelming to choose between all of these delectable savoury treats, but what is a party without delicious food right?

As a host, you always want your guests to leave with a full stomach. So at Perfect Match Catering, we also have the Fried Chicken Wings (30 pcs), Pop Corn Chicken (60 pcs), Thai Fish Cake with Dipping Sauce (60 pcs), Beef Satay with Peanut Sauce (50 Sticks), Tempura Prawn (60 pcs) as well as Tempura Calamari (60 pcs) for everyone to enjoy. 

The prices range from RM88 to RM188, depending on the selected choice of boxes/items.

You can check the full Menu right HERE.

Combo Party Pastry Box

Last but not least, why be perplexed when it comes to choosing between savoury and sweet when you can have both?

Perfect Match Catering's Combo Party Pastry Box allows you to indulge in all of your favourite treats for as little as RM55. When it comes to pastries, your guests will certainly be on a roll with the Mini Muffin (Vanilla/Chocolate) and Danish Pastries (Apple Lattice/Blueberry Strudel/Chocolate Roll) as well as the Assorted Pastries Box (Mini Croissant, Blueberry Cheese Tart, Apple Lattice, Chocolate Muffin, and Mini Quiche).

After seeing what the people enjoy, it's only natural that we give them what they want, and we love seeing people's faces light up as they stuff their faces with our pastry creations.

From RM65 to RM85, our guests can now enjoy a plethora of food and that includes:
  • Mini Muffin and Blueberry Cheese Tart
  • Danish Pastries (Apple Lattice/Blueberry Strudel/Chocolate Roll) + Blueberry Cheese Tart
  • Danish Pastries (Apple Lattice/Blueberry Strudel/Chocolate Roll) + Mini Quiche
  • Mini Chicken Burger + Mini Chicken Ham Croissant Sandwiches
  • Mini Beef Burger + Mini Chicken Ham Croissant Sandwiches
  • Assorted Pastries Box (Mini Croissant + Blueberry Cheese Tart + Apple Lattice + Chocolate Muffin + Mini Quiche)

Not only is the combination well worth it, but it also provides you with a variety of delectable treats from which to choose, ensuring that all of your guests are satisfied. It is appropriate for everyone, whether they are young children or our parents. It's similar to the adage "all for one and one for all," except in a more gastronomic sense.

Plus, our pastries taste just as good as they look in the photographs so meaning you can take those Instagram-worthy snaps and tag us in them at @perfectmatchcateringservices.

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