Points To Check When You Hire A Caterer

When you are planning an event, be it a corporate function or a wedding, one of the most crucial elements of any event is the food. Naturally, you want the event to be the best, and apart from the decoration, your guests will remember whether or not their meal was remarkable.
If you are looking for a caterer, here are some points to check when you hire a caterer:

1.     What is their price range?

If you are working on a budget, it is best to find out the caterer’s price range. This will help you filter out caterers that exceed your budget and help you choose caterers who fall within your budget. 

2.     What type of menu & serving style do they offer? 

Once you have selected a few caterers who suit your budget requirements, it is best to decide on your catering menu and serving styles. There are many different types of menu and serving styles caterers offer. The more common menus involve a buffet setup. Buffet menus are perfect for large crowd events and those on a budget.

Buffet style.

If you are planning a corporate networking session, canapes are always a great choice as guests can bond over food being served to them. 
For more formal events, like a wedding dinner, a sit-down course menu is usually ideal as guests remain seated throughout the event.

Some caterers even provide packed food menus for corporate lunches. Some caterers go beyond standardized menu options and are willing to create a customised menu based on your requirements and budget. It is best to speak to your caterer about the different menu and serving styles to give you a good idea of which catering style fits your budget. 

3.     Who are their main clients? 

It is important to know who their main clients are as this will give you a better on how experienced they are.  Some caterers specialise in corporate events and can handle orders for a few thousand pax. While smaller caterers specialise in private, more intimate events. You should ask the caterer if they have experience in handling an event like yours.

4.     Are they Halal Certified?

Ask for certifications. This cannot be overlooked as it is important to know if a caterer is Halal certified especially when you are planning an event involving our Muslim friends. You want to be sure that you respect your guests’ needs and provide them with food that is Halal. 

5.     How do they present their food?

The best way to know how the food presentation will look is to request for some past event photos. 

6.     Look for reviews

Look for reviews on Google or Facebook on the caterer as you want to be sure with your choice. You can also ask friends, family or even colleagues for recommendations or if anyone has worked with a particular caterer.
A professional event caterer will be open to answering these questions. Once you have shortlisted a few caterers, contact them personally and be sure to ask them these questions to help you choose the best caterer for your event.

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