I Have A Vegetarian Guest In My Guest List!
What Should I Do?

Preparing your guest list is possibly one of the hardest things to plan for an event. There are many factors to consider, from managing the guest list to seating everyone on a table. Remember to take into consideration dietary concerns as well. So, you have a vegetarian on your guest list? What should you do?

Vegetarian Buffet KL Selangor 2020

Well, first thing’s first, be sure to check whether they are on a strict vegetarian diet. Some religious practices do not consume eggs, onions and garlic in their diet. Here are TWO important questions to ask:

1. Can they consume egg or dairy?

Vegan No Eggs Strawberry Dairy Milk

2. Can they consume onions and garlic?

Vegetarian Dont Eat Onions

It’s best to lay this straight and have your guests reply on their dietary requirements together with their RSVP to avoid unnecessary confusion. Next, find out if your caterer can prepare vegetarian dishes or meals. For corporate events, check if your caterer can prepare separate vegetarian packed food for your guests. Alternatively, you can select a few vegetarian dishes and get the caterer to label them as “vegetarian-friendly” so your vegetarian guests are aware. If the venue is big enough for an extra buffet line, you may also consider asking your caterer to set up a vegetarian-friendly line. Speaking of food, you must be wondering, what exactly should you order for your vegetarian guests? Well, here are some options that include all three nutrients namely carbohydrates, protein and fat.

1. Carbs – The options are endless but the popular carbs are rice, noodles or pasta.

Vegetarian Speghetti

2. Protein – Whoever said vegetarians don’t get enough protein aren’t well versed with vegetarian protein options. Tofu, beans, lentils, mushrooms and eggs are a great source of protein.

Vegetarian Beans

3. Vegetables – Everything goes in this category but we recommend at least one or more vegetable dishes prepared in different cooking styles.


4. Bites – Appetizers are (almost) kinda like the best part of a meal, don’t you think?  Some of our favourite vegetarian bites include vegetarian spring rolls and samosas.

5. Dessert –  Nyonya Kuih is not only delicious but makes for colourful desserts too. Some other crowd favourites include fried sesame balls and red bean and lotus pancakes.

6. Fruits – Need we say more?

Fruits and Vegetable Dessert Buffet

There you have it. Now you won’t have to worry too much if you have vegetarians on your guest list. Here’s an extra tip to keep in mind: If you are adding vegetarian dishes to your buffet, order for the entire guest list or consider ordering for at least 80% of the number of pax attending as the non-vegetarians will not hesitate to indulge in vegetarian dishes too! 

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