What Is Personal Mini Buffet?

This year has been tough and we knew we had to innovate when we were slapped with the MCO order in March. We were thrilled when we managed to overcome the hurdle when events were being cancelled and we were all placed in lockdown. The beauty of being in the food and beverage industry is that everyone has to eat.

We introduced our Personal Mini Buffet in March. Being the first of its kind here in Malaysia, many were clueless about its concept, but it was something that proved to be useful and much needed at a time like this. Let us reintroduce how our Personal Mini Buffet is an ideal buffet for one!

It comes in our customised Perfect Match box, which now comes in two stunning colours. In the box, you will have 6 different dishes that make up a delicious feast for one person. This takes away the monotony of just having a simple meal, daily.

In August, we introduced our Limited Edition Merdeka box which featured 6 different dishes from the different homegrown cuisines. We had Curry Puff, Murukku, Nasi Lemak, Ayam Berempah, and Fried Sesame Balls - all in one box!

But don’t let us limit your imagination, because our Personal Mini Buffet can be customised too. From Malay food to Western food, we can cater to your preference! If you crave it, we can do it!

We have been blessed with corporate clients like DHL, who have been catering for their staff daily. We are made aware that this great option ensures they never get bored of eating ‘the same old thing every day.’ The Personal Mini Buffet proves to be a hit because it is a much more hygienic option when compared to the normal buffet style. 

Our Personal Mini Buffet is great for daily meals, conferences, meetings as well as most corporate events. Our Personal Mini Buffet starts at RM 30 per box.

We’re also really excited to share that we will be launching our brand new Pastry Party Box - and sweet savoury pastries ideal for tea time parties and get-togethers. 

If you require additional information, don't hesitate to give us a call or alternatively, if you would like to place an order, click here.

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